Updating freeradius 2.2.5 to 3

After a Debian Update to Stretch the freeradius Server with mysql database stopped working!
A short investigation I saw that the config structure change and there was no update script provided. – Ok. No Problem: Old config on the left hand – new Config on the rigth hand and after a few minutes the radius server was talking to the mysqldb/mariadb server, again. But looking to the debug log, I found some mysql insert errors.
An other a short comparission I found the changes in the database schema, especially in the accounting table (radacct), but there was als no Update script 🙁
So. here is my SQL Update for the radius database:

ADD COLUMN `acctupdatetime` datetime NULL default NULL AFTER `acctstarttime`,
ADD COLUMN `acctinterval` int(12) default NULL AFTER `acctstoptime`,
DROP COLUMN `acctstartdelay`,
DROP COLUMN `acctstopdelay`,
DROP COLUMN `xascendsessionsvrkey`,
ADD KEY `acctinterval` (acctinterval);
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON radius.radpostauth to 'radius'@'localhost';